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Annual Review: Renewable Energy 2016

Financier Worldwide - 2016-10-28
Ricardo Andrade Amaro
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Private Litigation - Portugal

Global Competition Review – Know How - 2016-10-11
Gonçalo Machado Borges
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Immunity, Sanctions & Settlements - Portugal

Global Competition Review – Know How - 2016-10-07
Eduardo Maia Cadete
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Resolving Banco Espírito Santo: An Overview of the Application of Recovery and Resolution Measures in Portugal

Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation - 2016-10-06
Luís Branco, Mariana Solá de Albuquerque - Thomson Reuters
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Benchmarking PPP Procurement 2017 Report

Catarina Levy Osório, Fabrícia de Almeida Henriques, Claudia Santos Cruz, Tiago Arouca Mendes, Liliana Canudo Cruz - World Bank
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Global Legal Insights to: Commercial Real Estate 2017

Global Legal Insights - 2016-09-29
Filipa Arantes Pedroso e Rita Ferreira Vicente - Global Legal Group
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Energy & Natural Resources - Promotion of cogeneration - terms and conditions for attribution of energy injection capacity to national grid

International Law Office - 2016-09-26
Catarina Brito Ferreira, Cristiana Gonçalves Correia - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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Competition & Antitrust -“Less is more: Competition Authority publishes report on taxi regulation - Portugal

International Law Office - 2016-08-18
Gonçalo Rosas - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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