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Government authorised to increase fines for individual commercial practices

International Law Office - 2013-06-20
Eduardo Maia Cadete, Dzhamil Oda - Globe Business Publishing
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Portuguese Arbitration tax Court Rules on Notional Cash-Pooling Agreements

Tax Notes International, Vol. 70, N.º 10 - 2013-06-03
Francisco de Sousa da Câmara, Bruno Santiago - Tax Analysts
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Life sciences in Portugal: overview

Life Sciences multi-jurisdictional guide of 2013 - 2013-06
Fernanda Matoso, Eduardo Maia Cadete - PLC – Practical Law Company
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Energy Regulation and Markets - Portugal

The Energy Regulation and Markets Review - 2013-06
Nuno Galvão Teles, Ricardo Andrade Amaro - Law Business Research Ldt
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A imputação dolosa e as emoções

Emoções e Crime - 2013-06
João Matos Viana - Almedina
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The Burden of Proof in Tax Law

EATLP International Tax Series, Vol. 10 - 2013-05
Nuno de Oliveira Garcia, José Almeida Fernandes - Kees Van Raad
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Report of the panel “Taxation of offshore income of financial institutions” of the 2nd IBA/CIOT Tax Conference

Tax Profile - 2013-05
Bruno Santiago - Tax Profile
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Chartered accountants' mandatory training regulation breaches competition law

International Law Office - 2013-04-18
Pedro de Gouveia e Melo - Globe Business Publishing
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