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Banking and Financial Services

The firm’s expertise and depth of experience in this sector is widely recognised. Among our clients we count the main Portuguese banks and several major international banks. We provide advice on complex operations in all sectors of this activity, as well as on financial services such as structured financing, project finance, asset-backed transactions, derivative instruments and investment funds.

Concerning structured financing, the firm has vast experience in a whole range of operations, namely in acquisition finance, real estate credit and credit guaranteed by security assets.

In the project finance area, the firm’s expertise covers sectors such as public infrastructures related to road, railway, port and airport concessions, the production of wind, water, photovoltaic and thermoelectric energy, natural gas distribution concessions, and sporting and recreation facilities. The firm also has a wealth of experience in the area of municipal concessions funding, namely water distribution and waste water treatment.

The firm endeavours to be in the forefront of financial innovation developed by the market. For this reason, we had the opportunity to participate in the first major project financing of public infrastructures, in the first European tax credits securitisation operation and in the first privatisation of a Portuguese company by means of issuing exchangeable bonds.

In the banking system, some of the operations in which we have participated have been internationally acknowledged and designated as a “Deal of the Year”.

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