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Trade and Distribution

Companies operating in the trade and distribution sector are currently confronted with the challenge of offering better services at more competitive prices. Consumers are becoming more demanding and less loyal to trademarks and commercial companies, and state intervention is a significant factor. In this context the firm, by paying close attention to consolidation or cooperation opportunities, as well as to investors’ interest in funding profitable businesses, has developed the required competence and sensitivity to accompany and advise its clients in this sector.

In addition to supporting acquisitions, the creation of joint-ventures, greenfield project investments and disinvestments, we also provide advice on financing, financing entities, investors and their beneficiaries. Moreover, we identify constraints, opportunities and solutions within the national regulatory framework, particularly in the sectors of food, pharmaceutical and automobile distribution.

We also provide guidance in matters of competition law whether related to concentrations, behaviours or contractual relations by developing the most appropriate agreements with suppliers, clients and other partners (distribution, agency, franchising, outsourcing, cooperation and mechanisms to create captive customer bases).

The firm also ensures that the relevant fiscal framework is the most efficient and adequate given the sector’s specificities, whilst also offering advice on labour questions that may be of decisive importance. We should moreover highlight the firm’s activity as a mediator of relations with public entities (in the contexts of licensing, consumer protection, data protection and general or sectorial regulatory administrative procedures), in the assessment of issues related to intellectual property and liability for products and in the resolution of disputes by resorting when necessary and appropriate to litigation or arbitration.


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