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Electronic Communication

The electronic communication sector continues to exhibit great dynamism and technological innovation, which implies the permanent evolution of the decisive activity of the national and European sector regulators and the revision of the regulatory framework.

Progress achieved in this area ensures the continuing relevance and topicality  of questions concerning access to networks and management of the spectrum and availability of content. Now, however, these questions must be considered in the context of the convergence of technologies and services and the announced intensification of the single telecommunications market.

The firm has more than a decade of experience in providing advice to mobile telephone (2G,3G and 4G) and home telephone operators in Portugal since the sector was liberalized and also in providing support to open signal television and PayTV operators and radio broadcasters.

The firm has worked with operators and regulators on legal aspects inherent to the attainment of licences, the construction of networks, the configuration of innovative services, the negotiation of equipment and the availability of content. Advice has furthermore been provided on concentration and funding operations in which our clients are involved and the partnerships that they have established.

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