Compliance with regulators and supervisors

Updated in 07-04-2020

The capital markets’ supervisory authorities have been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and have recently made a statement on a number of relevant topics.

On one han, ESMA issued recommendations on the financial market, in particular on business continuity plans, market disclosure, financial reporting and fund management.

On 20-03-2020, and following ESMA decisions and recommendations, CMVM issued a statement detailing specific decisions and recommendations on COVID-19, of which we also highlight the operationalisation and adjustment of continuity plans, the fulfilment of all legal and regulatory duties and the intensification of contacts with the CMVM by the entities under its supervision.

On other hand, EIOPA, in Europe, and the ASF, in Portugal, have already issued recommendations with a view to guiding the actions of insurance market operators (more specifically, insurers) within the context of the COVID-19 outbreak. The European Central Bank and the Bank of Portugal also announced further measures to ensure that its directly supervised banks can continue to fund the real economy amid the contingency framework caused by the outbreak of COVID-19.



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