Updated in 11-05-2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected not only our way of living, but also of working. There is no question over the enormous impact it has had on work relations, requiring adequate measures and responses to be found and rapid adjustment by employers and employees.

The CT and related employment and social security legislation have not been able, single‑handedly or as quickly as needed, to respond to all the requirements of a national state of emergency. It was considered necessary for the Government to adopt exceptional measures, which took the form of successive legislative measures, not always easy to interpret, but which need to be applied.

The future is uncertain, but it is the legislator’s intention to ensure that work relations and the corporate economic system are maintained, by successively being introduced temporary and exceptional measures, by means of legislative or administrative approaches, to address the current situation and to give employers and employees the means to adjust work relations for the purposes of the emergency measures.

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