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Energy and Natural Resources - Portugal - Charging electric vehicles – liberalisation and new opportunities

International Law Office - 2015-09-28
Catarina Brito Ferreira, Martim Vaz da Silva - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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UAE - The Economic and Financial crisis in Europe - on the road to recovery

Union des avocats européens (UAE) - 2015-09-18
Carlos Botelho Moniz, Pedro de Gouveia e Melo - Bruylant
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Distribution and Marketing of Drugs in Portugal: overview

Distribution and Marketing of Drugs - Global Guide 2015/16 - 2015-09-03
Fernanda Matoso, Eduardo Maia Cadete - PLC – Practical Law Company

Real Estate - Portugal - Real estate financing and security

International Law Office - 2015-08-21
Rita Ferreira Vicente - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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Personal Income Tax Reform Update on the new residence rules

Journal of International Taxation - 2015-07-21
Bruno Santiago, Beatriz Capeloa Gil - Thomson Reuters
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Real Estate - Portugal - Real Estate law – key concepts

International Law Office - 2015-07-13
Filipa Arantes Pedroso - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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Concerns remain in Portugal as online market opens up

World Online Gambling Law Report - 2015-07
João Alfredo Afonso, Miguel Cortes Martins - E-com Law
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Energy Regulation and Markets - Portugal

The Energy Regulation and Markets Review - 2015-07
Nuno Galvão Teles, Ricardo Andrade Amaro - Law Business Research Ldt
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