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Insurance Segmentation As Unfair Discrimination - What To Expect Next In The Wake Of Text-Achats

Insurance Law, Governance And Transparency: Basics Of The Legal Certainty - 2015-05-15
Margarida Lima Rego - Association For Insurance Law Of Serbia, German Foundation For International Legal Co-Operation (Irz), German Insurance Association (GDV)
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Real Estate - Portugal - Amendments to urban lease regime

International Law Office - 2015-05-04
Filipa Arantes Pedroso - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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Private Equity: Portugal

The International Comparative Legal Guide to Private Equity 2015 Edition - 2015-05
Ricardo Andrade Amaro, Pedro Capitão Barbosa - Global Legal Group
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Competition & Antitrust - Portugal - Exclusionary vertical agreements: Competition Authority's first 'commitment'

International Law Office - 2015-04-23
Pedro de Gouveia e Melo - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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Energy and Natural Resources - Portugal - New regime for small-scale electricity generation

International Law Office - 2015-03-30
Miguel Nogueira de Brito, Catarina Brito Ferreira - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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Competition & Antitrust - Portugal Healthcare services merger highlights dominant position of NHS

International Law Office - 2015-03-30
Eduardo Maia Cadete - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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Deepening the freedom of services through pro-competitive regulation: the case of the EU Services Directive

State Initiated Restraints of Competition - 2015-03
Leonor Bettencourt Nunes - Edward Elgar Publishing
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The Portuguese competition authority sanctions supplier recommended retail sale prices materially imposed as minimum prices before retailers (Royal Canin Portugal)

Bulletin e-Competitions - 2015-03
Carlos Botelho Moniz; Eduardo Maia Cadete - Institute of Competition Law
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