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Energy and Natural Resources - Portugal - Changes to legal framework for increasing capacity of wind farms

International Law Office - 2015-06-01
Catarina Brito Ferreira, Martim Vaz da Silva - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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Gas Regulation in Angola

Getting the Deal Through: Gas Regulation in 30 Jurisdictions Worldwide - 2015-05-25
Helena Prata, Sofia Cerqueira Serra - Global Competition Review
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Insurance Segmentation As Unfair Discrimination - What To Expect Next In The Wake Of Text-Achats

Insurance Law, Governance And Transparency: Basics Of The Legal Certainty - 2015-05-15
Margarida Lima Rego - Association For Insurance Law Of Serbia, German Foundation For International Legal Co-Operation (Irz), German Insurance Association (GDV)
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Real Estate - Portugal - Amendments to urban lease regime

International Law Office - 2015-05-04
Filipa Arantes Pedroso - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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Private Equity: Portugal

The International Comparative Legal Guide to Private Equity 2015 Edition - 2015-05
Ricardo Andrade Amaro, Pedro Capitão Barbosa - Global Legal Group
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Competition & Antitrust - Portugal - Authority sends out warning against false and misleading statements

International Law Office - 2015-04-23
Luís do Nascimento Ferreira - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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Competition & Antitrust - Portugal - Exclusionary vertical agreements: Competition Authority's first 'commitment'

International Law Office - 2015-04-23
Pedro de Gouveia e Melo - Globe Business Publishing Ltd
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Making a Choice in Portugal Taking Your Case to the Tax Arbitration Tribunals or Tax Judicial Courts

Tax Notes International, Vol. 78, N.º 2 - 2015-04-13
Francisco de Sousa da Câmara - Tax Analysts
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