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For us, innovation begins with a line of thought, which then extends to the use of technology and to the constant optimisation of work processes tailored to the needs and sectors of our clients, as such rendering our response always the most efficient.

The world is constantly in flux, towards inevitable and infinite transformations which we choose not to follow.

Rather we choose to anticipate them, daily.

From the outset, our firm has offered a complete and transversal service.

With a fully committed team and out of the box thinking, along with the most innovative tools and services geared towards specific sectors, we guarantee a unique perspective on each topic, each context, each market.

Constantly evolving through study, creativity, technology and dialogue, our work has a real impact, advising our clients and their businesses, every step of the way.

Leading the transformation of law.
Firm for tomorrow.

Because innovation
is part of our tradition,
we are firm for tomorrow.


Morais Leitão recognizes the pivotal role of innovation and technology in sustaining its leadership within the competitive Portuguese legal landscape. Foreseeing the challenges presented by rapid changes in client expectations and the digital revolution enveloping the legal industry, we committed ourselves to a strategic overhaul. Our main goal is the enhancement of internal processes for increased efficiency and fostering a culture deeply rooted in continuous innovation. This strategic pivot focused on amplifying our attorneys’ technological capabilities, elevating the quality of our service offerings, and, ultimately, adapting our business model to meet the demands of an evolving new business and digital environment.

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Our mission is very clear: to daily build a firm that is a leader and innovator in solving problems and creating value for clients. By projecting our tradition of rigour, respect and knowledge into the future, we bring together the best talent and promote its fulfilment in a commitment to people and the community.

Our Values

We maintain a constructive and pre-eminent relationship with our clients, consistently striving to ascertain our technical knowledge in relation to its market and specific sector of law. In each particular case, we assure the most efficient processes and technologies, adding value to the clients’ business.

Our firm is widely recognized for the quality of the legal services provided, along with the promptness of our response time, the professional rigour of our team as well as the capacity to present innovative solutions that cover different approaches, while ensuring an information security management system at all times.

At Morais Leitão, our institutional culture stands on strict principles of professional ethics, extending from professional confidentiality to awareness of potential conflicts of interest. This respect for professional ethics safeguards our relentless defense of our clients’ rights and interests.

Morais Leitão is a truly independent firm. Moreover, it is involved in several international partnerships thus providing the best answer to clients’ needs.

At Morais Leitão, we offer a specialized service in all branches of the law. Our organizational structure allows us to create cross-practice teams, according to our clients’ needs and the project itself.

Morais Leitão respects the dignity of every human being. Therefore, we have established several programs and initiatives to promote the inclusion and the diversity and above all the well-being of everyone.

Our firm exists and persists beyond its founders and individual collaborators and presents itself as a strong and consistent entity. We respect a coherent set of principles on which our activity is based, while continuously observing exacting standards of institutional and social responsibility.

In Memoriam

We pay tribute to those who have already left us, and from whose contribution we still benefit daily.

This page is dedicated to preserving the memory of those who helped to build Morais Leitão, in the certainty that their presence among us will never be forgotten. We are grateful for their legacy, which we hope to honour daily.

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