Expertise Practice Areas

Tax and General Tax Consultancy

The tax advice provided at Morais Leitão to our clients is geared towards company’s daily activity as well as strategic management and investment decisions.

The services we provide cover a multiplicity of and international taxes, frequently involving the interaction of different laws, community law and the application of international conventions. Our team always strives to provide an integrated answer to our client’s needs.

At Morais Leitão tax advice and strategic planning in relation to specific operations are complemented by our solid tax litigation experience. We are familiar with litigating at the highest jurisdictional and administrative instances to resolve complex and high-value disputes. Our activity includes the preparation and monitoring of administrative claims and appeals, specialised assistance and sponsorship in binding information procedures, advice and support in the relationship with the Tax Administration, as well as of tax actions, rebuttals or appeals brought before the national and Community courts. In the administrative area we provide preventative advice on identification and compliance with tax rules, as well as administrative defense and judicial support.

Our activity also stands out in terms of Stamp Duty and VAT as key dimensions for an efficient tax management in national and international companies. With regard to Stamp Duty, it is important to note the treatment of agreements and large scale economic operations, such as the corresponding to financing activities, corporate restructuring operations, acquisitions and sales of companies and/or assets. With regard to VAT, we deal with issues concerning declaratory and registration obligations, and specific questions in connection with VAT incidence, exemptions, and credit and reimbursement.