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For in-house teams, legal work has become increasingly complex. The pace is accelerating, and the volume of data is also growing, in demanding regulatory scenarios. To provide an answer to our clients' challenges in responding to routine functions, Morais Leitão has designed a document automation platform using the most specialised technology.

It's a service that allows teams to gain autonomy by quickly creating documents standardised by Morais Leitão, but adapted to the company or organisation, with the usual rigour, in a secure environment. Our proposal reduces the time spent on routine work through simple questionnaires and templates that generate complete documents that comply with the standards of each organisation, allowing internal teams to focus on value-added work, with all the security that data encryption allows for confidential information.

In the design of this platform flexibility was a fundamental principle, since each team has their specific needs and problems. Technology is useful to resolve these issues, innovating the way our clients handle the creation of legal documents. Drawing on our legal and market knowledge, with a solid base of experience in the most diverse sectors and in the different business phases of each company or organisation, we have been able to build the most robust response, ensuring a support team at all times, both technical and legal.

How does it work? We work with clients to identify the documents that can be automated.

We then assess the integration issues in relation to our clients´ internal platforms, creating the information architecture and customising the templates for each client, with the possibility of amendments and/or review  whenever necessary. We reduce risk by meeting the client’s needs, so they can generate new documents in a standardised and consistent manner in just a few minutes, allowing for all users within an organisation to have access to the most updated version.

The Morais Leitão service does not end at the moment the platform is made available. We are familiar with the speed at which regulatory environments have been evolving. We monitor compliance difficulties on a daily basis, which is why we are committed to updating the platforms. As ever, we work to reduce the risk for in-house legal teams.