At Morais Leitão we look for individuals with integrity, qualifications, professionalism and team spirit, capable of living up to the values and culture of the firm. We offer a solid career with permanent training and excellent opportunities for progression.

The practice of law has been changing dramatically, characterised by pressure and speed. At Morais Leitão we are particularly attentive to the need of constantly updating our legal knowledge, as well as our specific knowledge of the different sectors in which our clients operate.

The lawyers that make up the Morais Leitão team are thus recognised by high standards of legal rigour, but also by the combination of their personal characteristics with our own culture and values, helping every day to build an institution. Integrity, collaboration and team spirit contribute to a proactive and efficient law practice that anticipates and advises the needs and strategies of our clients. 

The selection process involves a curricular analysis, one or more interviews with the heads of recruitment and with the coordinators of the area of activity in question and, whenever convenient, an oral and written exam in English.

"Working with the best, regardless of seniority, in a very demanding context, still makes me feel very aware, which, all things considered, I believe is very beneficial. (...) I can say that ML has always known how to challenge me and has always known how to be challenged by me, and that is more than enough reason for me to stay.

Sofia Vaz Sampaio, partner, who began her career as a trainee lawyer in the firm.

Sofia Vaz Sampaio