As the world increasingly moves towards transforming the global sector from fossil-based energy to zero-carbon energy production, Morais Leitão works side by side with the sector’s forefront players, developing sustainable energy solutions and actively empowering clients towards a greener, more resilient future. Decarbonisation of the energy sector is only possible with urgent action on a global scale, namely through sturdy investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

Our dedicated team of energy lawyers is the largest in the country, with a strong international orientation, enabling clients to navigate the complexities of the energy transition with confidence and success.

Change will come from the balance between technology and innovation and policy and legislative frameworks, where Morais Leitão adds insightful value, based on a decades long expertise on energy and natural resources.

Greener everyday.
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Rethink energy.

Rethink energy.

The pursuit of sustainable energy solutions relies on renewable energy, innovation and visionary leadership. Morais Leitão is an active partner in the energy transition, empowering companies and stakeholders with innovative legal solutions that combine sound advise from the intricate and complex world of energy law and policy with acute business awareness.

Without question, energy is one of the most thriving industries across the world, driving investment and broad public interest. The energy market is global – and our clients are regularly involved in cross-border deals in various matters under different regulatory scenarios. In such a rapidly evolving international sector, we are used to the pressure of delivering innovative and practical advice. Our sector-specific knowledge is fully supported by a strong international presence that meets our clients’ strategic interests, either through local or associated offices.

We have a legal team specifically allocated to energy matters, with an encompassing experience from electricity to oil and gas. Our legal experts assumed a pioneer role in advising renewables in Portugal, helping companies explore the potential of wind sources (both onshore and offshore), hydropower, solar, biomass and wave power, as well as on new energies such as green hydrogen and biogas.

Fully aware that the regulatory landscape can sometimes feel like a maze, our lawyers are permanently up to date both with energy policies and the swift identification of trends, managing seamlessly new projects and proactively offering daily assistance to meet the new and demanding challenges of the sector.

Morais Leitão stays at the forefront of industry advancements providing innovation-driven solutions as technology continues to evolve. We are deeply committed to a collaborative approach, regularly giving back to the energy community – stakeholders, investors, governments, regulators and other key players – through publications, conferences and workshops.