Expertise Practice Areas

Construction and Land Development

At Morais Leitão we have a wide experience in the area of urban planning ventures, such as land parcelling, urban works and the construction of buildings.

We assist public and private clients during all the phases of the respective administrative procedure. We should highlight the services we render in areas such as the construction and renovation of shopping centres and tourism resorts, and, in general, the development and implementation of real estate projects in the sectors of housing, urban rehabilitation, commerce and services.

We must also point out that we provide advisory services in the preparation of municipal regulations on urban planning and housing, as well as in the field of urban taxes. We provide legal opinions, when requested by public or private entities, on issues related to urban planning and the definition and calculation of taxes due as a result of the implementation of urban projects.

We should also highlight the relevance of our services when representing our clients in cases of urban administrative offences from the initial stage up to the judicial stage.