Morais Leitão Legal Circle

The Morais Leitão Legal Circle is an international network based upon the sharing of values and common principles of action with the purpose of establishing a platform that delivers high quality legal services to clients around the world.



China Desk

China’s business relationship with Portugal and Lusophone Africa is evolving rapidly especially under the New Silk Road strategy. With our China D...

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French Desk

In response to the challenges of the current market – resumption of French investment in Portugal, a growing demand of access to the benefits of th...

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German Desk

The German Desk is an in-house team at Morais Leitão focused on clients from German-speaking countries, drawing on our extensive experience in...

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Indian Desk

In keeping with our broad strategy of growth and international presence and addressing the increasing needs of our clients throughout the world...

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Other Partnerships

Throughout the world, we work with the most specialised networks, guaranteeing quality legal service in any jurisdiction.

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