About Us

Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados promotes its economic sustainability based on a fundamental bedrock of ethical and humanistic values. We are confident that this approach will ensure that our collaborators are responsible and fulfilled, while contributing towards a positive business environment and the betterment of the community within which we operate.

The firm endeavours to allow collaborators to fulfil their individual altruistic aspirations according to their own sense of social responsibility. By encouraging this sense of responsibility, we are also meeting our strategic priorities; promoting cohesion and a sense of belonging, the reinforcement of participation values, justice, transparency and solidarity, good management of talent, the motivation and personal development of our collaborators, and recognition from the community of our status as a socially responsible company.

The firm aims to be synchronised with the business world by satisfying, in this area as in others, the expectations of clients and of the community in general.

Family Responsible Organization

Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados is certified as a Family Responsible Organization, which acknowledges the effort made towards a healthy and respectful work environment.

Furthermore, it is the only law firm certified as such in Portugal, following the preparation and evaluation of a coherent policy that aimed at strengthening the alliance between work and family spheres on the one hand and a future commitment to new measures to promote this stability on the other hand.

At MLGTS, the balance between work life and personal time is an ongoing concern, featured in an ambitious plan of measures that takes in account quality of time, flexibility, family support, personal and professional development, equality of opportunity as well as leadership and management.

Environmental Responsibility

At Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados commitment to the environment and sustainable development is inseparable from our ambition to provide more efficient services to our clients.

Our policy on environmental responsibility promotes collaboration of employees, suppliers and clients in the development of practices that day-to-day reflect this commitment.

A nossa Política de Responsabilidade Ambiental promove a colaboração de colaboradores, fornecedores e clientes no desenvolvimento de práticas que, dia-a-dia, traduzam esse compromisso.

Diversity and Inclusion

Morais Leitão is strongly committed to the creation of an inclusive work environment dedicated to the development and promotion of each person's abilities and talents.

We believe that professional development depends on the inclusion, diversity and concern for well-being, and that these values ​​are fundamental for attracting and retaining the best talent. Over the years, Morais Leitão has been consistently recognized in the market as the company that more accompanies personal and career development, with a firm commitment to continuous training.

We are proud to have people of various nationalities and generations, thus adding value to both internal teams the experience we provide to customers, with more knowledge and best advice.

Gender balance has been a concern in all both in lawyers and in the general direction. We believe equality of opportunity, and today there is a wide representation, which we want to improve further, particularly in decision-making positions. Our attorneys are prized and recognized for the excellence of their services, in full equality. We are committed to close monitoring of the youngest preparing them for future leadership. Strategically, we have privileged parenting policies with unmatched market reach, which join spatial-temporal flexibility policies.

We ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop and training courses, developing courses and courses internally, but also supporting and financing participation in training programs, for example by promoting participation in of mentored. The Instituto Miguel Galvão Teles assumes very important part of this ambitious training program. in a variety of areas and themes.

All these policies have resulted in certification company with a firm commitment in the realization of the balance between personal life and life professional.

We have set a very firm position on standards and desired behaviors, according to our culture. institution. Inclusion is transversal in recruitment, training and leadership. Among the various initiatives, in particular the regular meeting with the management, in an informal context, as well as the with freedom of expression and the maintenance of a open to criticism and constructive dialogue.

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