Expertise Practice Areas

Project Finance

As a forerunner in the first infrastructure financing operations under the Project Finance regime in Portugal, we have been continuously involved in the implementation of this type of project, advising financing entities, both national and international, and promoters.

We intervened in multiple Project Finance operations responsible for the major Portuguese Infrastructure projects, namely within the scope of Public-Private Partnerships.

In this context, we have decisively contributed to the development of some innovative legal solutions that have since become standard in the market.

Our team’s experience encompasses projects in such diverse sectors as Energy and Natural Resources (including various wind, water, photovoltaic and thermoelectric projects), Transports, Roads and Rail (particularly within the road concessions under the SCUT - shadow toll - regime and real toll, and railroad concessions), Water, Sanitation and Wastes (namely in the context of water and sanitation concessions, and management of hazardous wastes), Health and Pharmaceuticals and Sports and Entertainment (highlighting the construction of football stadium facilities).

We ensure permanent and comprehensive monitoring in all areas and phases of a project’s design from the elaboration and submission of the proposals in the tender to the negotiation with the contracting entities, financing parties and counterparties.