International Desks

China’s business relationship with Portugal and Lusophone Africa is evolving rapidly especially under the New Silk Road strategy. With our China Desk in Portugal, we offer legal advice and a complete service to our Chinese clients in diverse industries and practices areas. Our team also includes Chinese speaking lawyers able to assist and communicate with Chinese clients directly.

In the last decade, the internationalisation and expansion of Chinese entities has intensified in different areas including pharmaceutical, energy, real estate, telecommunications and the banking sectors.

Due to its strategic position, Portugal is the ideal entry point to Europe and to the Portuguese-speaking world, having been a part, from its inception, of the “Belt and Road Initiative” launched by the Chinese government for economic and infrastructure development. We are also able to assist our Chinese clients in the Lusophone countries, due to our cross-border collaboration with the Morais Leitão Legal Circle network offices in Angola (ALC Advogados), Mozambique (MDR Advogados) and Cape Verde (VPQ Advogados).

ML’s China Desk provides seamless legal assistance to clients of Chinese origin and have extensive experience in advising Chinese companies on outbound acquisitions and investments in Portugal and Lusophone Africa, including:

  • Establishing, acquiring and selling businesses (including private equity deals);
  • Establishing joint ventures and assisting in daily operations;
  • Raising international finance (e.g., listed companies, private equity and debt finance);
  • Handling investments in real estate;
  • Designing tax efficient business structures;
  • Dispute resolution and arbitration.

The China Desk is a multidisciplinary and dedicated team with international and local expertise in a wide variety of sectors, including infrastructures, energy and natural resources, banking and finance, commercial, real estate and tax.




有见及此,Morais Leitão律师事务所透过设立China Desk,致力为我们的中国客户提供不同范畴的法律意见、咨询以及全面相关的服务。

我们的China Desk,由专业的律师团队组成,当中包括了操流利国语或粤语的律师成员,方便与中国客户直接沟通,提供更有效的服务。



透过我们的服务,中国客户可以畅通无阻地在葡语系国家发展业务。在Morais Leitão Legal Circle的网络下,我们与安哥拉(ALC Advogados律师事务所)、莫桑比克(HRA Advogados律师事务所)以及佛得角(VPQ Advogados律师事务所)均有紧密合作,方便处理跨境业务,提供在地支援。

Morais Leitão 的China Desk 将致力为中国客户提供优质的法律服务,我们拥有丰富的经验为中国企业提供在葡抑或是在葡语系国家的收购及投资建议,其中包括:

  • 公司的成立、收购及出售;
  • 建立合资企业及协助日常运营;
  • 国际融资 、上市公司、私人股本和债务融资;
  • 房地产投资管理;
  • 从税收的角度设计有效的业务结构;和
  • 纠纷解决和仲裁。

China Desk 是一个精通多范畴和敬业乐业的团队,在基础设施、能源和自然资源、银行和金融、商业、房地产和税务等广泛领域拥有卓越的国际和本地经验,定能为中国客户提供及时及专业的回覆。