Expertise Practice Areas

International Cooperation in Penal Matters

At Morais Leitão we also have significant experience in the scope of international legal cooperation in penal matters, an area that has significantly developed in recent years, as a consequence of increased international and national legislation that institutes and regulates the mechanisms of the effectiveness of cross-border cooperation.

In this matter, we have participated in various international cooperation proceedings, both as representatives of persons or enterprises from a requesting State, and from a requested State, regarding criminal proceedings that are ongoing, or to be initiated, in countries in different continents, namely within European space, in Africa and in the American continent. In this context, our experience includes intervention in cooperation requests related to extradition requests, transfer of proceedings, transmission of penalty execution, collecting and sending evidence and performing investigations, such as searches, apprehensions, interrogations and making inquiries to defendants and witnesses, application of coercive measures, among others.