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With the rapid evolution of the digital world and the increasing development of digital work, Morais Leitão has adopted an electronic signature service to support our clients in the specific issues related to this possibility.

We work with a market leading tool and already have solid experience in signing multilateral contracts, including with international parties.

Attentive to the specifics of each issue, our team carries out a risk assessment for the specific situation, taking into account the relevance of the document in question and the frequency with which disputes associated with signatures arise. Together with the client, we consider whether, in the specific case, speed and practicality prevail or the importance of safeguarding the probative force of the signatures.

Our service includes updating documents, supporting signatories during the process and monitoring.

We have been making the different authorities aware of the need to validate electronic signatures, clarifying the issues surrounding their use, benefits and limits, and the associated security.

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