Expertise Practice Areas

Commercial and Corporate Litigation

We support our clients in the settlement of disputes arising from their commercial activity in the most varied economic sectors, in particular in contractual matters (e.g. purchase and sale, concession, construction, consortium, distribution, supply, contract for works, engineering, provision of professional services, insurance, transport, etc.), non-contractual matters (e.g. in regulated areas such as energy, telecommunications, liability for risk, producer liability, environmental liability, liability for breach of competition law/private enforcement, among others) and pre-contractual fields (breach of information duties or the duty of loyalty, unjustified breakdown of negotiations, among others).

We also have relevant experience in class and representative actions.

We provide legal support for our clients in disputes relating to joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and private equity, particularly including pre-business conclusion disputes, breach of representations and warranties and of information duties, price adjustment and changes in circumstances.

We also provide legal support in corporate litigation, particularly disputes related to corporate control, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and management crises, as well as the protection of majority and minority shareholders, challenges and suspension of corporate resolutions, liability of directors and other corporate bodies, provision of information and, in general, shareholder agreements.

Our specialisation and track-record in international litigation is of particular note, with extensive experience in the areas of international law and, in particular, international procedural law, coordinating or forming part of multi-jurisdictional teams of lawyers.