Expertise Practice Areas

Aware of the growing importance of Privacy and Data Protection area, Morais Leitão has a cross-practice, dedicated and business-oriented team comprising specialised lawyers in this field.

We believe that compliance with data protection standards should not be an obstacle to the development of our clients’ businesses and, therefore, we seek to present solutions that are a true compromise between the respect of standards and the interests of our clients.

Based on our experience, we are especially prepared to support our clients:

  • In the preparation and implementation of compliance programmes with the Data Protection General Regulation and other applicable legislation within the scope of data protection;
  • In the preparation and review of contractual conditions applicable to the processing of personal data;
  • In the response to personal data breaches;
  • In advising and providing representation in criminal proceedings, regulatory offence proceedings and civil proceedings relating to personal data privacy and protection;
  • In the conduct of specific audits relating to personal data privacy and protection;
  • In the conduct of privacy impact assessments of specific projects;
  • In the assessment of technological systems and structures in the light of personal data protection rules; and
  • In advising on the preparation and review of data processing procedures and practices within the scope of human resources management and recruitment (including establishing ethical/whistleblowing guidelines, procedures stemming from the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act/FCPA guidelines, etc.).