The global business world is becoming increasingly challenging for our clients. Through the best partnerships, we accompany their expansion and internationalisation in an integrated manner and with permanent familiar points of contact.
We understand the importance of respecting the history, culture, economics and policies of local markets and across sectors and we work closely with our clients to find a balance between what the law stipulates and how issues are handled in practice, ensuring their investments are safeguarded.


Bringing the best together - Lex Mundi

Since 2001, Morais Leitão has been the exclusive member in Portugal of Lex Mundi, the leading network of independent law firms, present in more than 125 countries.

As a member of the Lex Mundi network, we offer our clients preferential access to more than 22,000 lawyers worldwide - through a single point of contact. Individually, each member firm of Lex Mundi is a leader in its own jurisdiction. Together, the members of Lex Mundi offer resources of unparalleled depth and breadth throughout the world.

By working with other members of Lex Mundi, we can seamlessly support our clients with their most challenging cross-border operations and litigation. Our clients can easily access local know-how and experience in virtually any worldwide jurisdiction.

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L&E Global

At Morais Leitão, networking is a strategic priority, so that each lawyer is always up-to-date on the themes and developments of his area of activity or the sectors in which he operates.

In labor law, we belong to L&E Global, an alliance of independent companies and offices, which provides advice to employers on labor relations, labor laws, migratory regimes and labor rights.

Members of L&E Global are recognized for their expertise in labor law advice around the world, and the network is expanding to new jurisdictions.

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ELG – The Energy Law Group

Historically the energy sector has always represented a strength of Morais Leitão in terms of expertise and work in the area. This justifies membership in the ELG - Energy Law Group, a highly specialized association of about 500 lawyers dedicated to energy and natural resources.

Founded in 1993, this network enables the sharing of knowledge of leading independent companies in their respective markets, with presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where they cooperate with companies, banks, government entities, regulators and institutions.

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