Always looking out for a world in constant transformation, we rethink reality in the light of the law and effectively anticipate responses to the most recent and urgent issues on the national and global agenda.

Because innovation
is part of our tradition,
we are firm for tomorrow.

Every day, people, companies and organisations deal with unexpected changes and challenges. Legislation is keeping pace with reality at a much faster pace. Keeping abreast of current events and transformations is essential both for legal professionals and for those who need legal comfort and predictability when conducting their business, navigating today's legal complexities with certainty.

Our team covers current issues, offering a critical and comprehensive analysis of changes in national and international legislation, landmark court rulings, regulatory updates and relevant legal trends. We favour an approach centred on the client's own sector and characteristics, providing the information needed to make informed decisions, understand the implications of legal changes and engage in meaningful conversations about the legal issues that affect us all.

Team Genesis

Team Genesis® is a specialized multi expert team focused on directing legal advice to emerging companies and founders.


Morais Leitão created a multidisciplinary team highly specialised in ESG and human rights which, in permanent contact with the business, the academic and scientific community, responds to the diversity of these challenges.

Digital defense

Digital Defense is Morais Leitão’s coordinated response to the legal, technical and evidentiary challenges posed by the intersection between cybercrime and the law. More than an area or a team, more than simply an aggregation of experience and expertise, the Digital Defense launched by Morais Leitão is first and foremost a service.

Class actions

Class actions have gained increasing importance in the day-to-day life of the legal system and the media in Portugal. Our litigation team has unique experience in this area, having been involved in high-profile class actions in different industries for several years.

Energy transition

As the world increasingly moves towards transforming the global sector from fossil-based energy to zero-carbon energy production, Morais Leitão works side by side with the sector’s forefront players, developing sustainable energy solutions and actively empowering clients towards a greener, more resilient future. Decarbonisation of the energy sector is only possible with urgent action on a gl...

Risk Management

Few factors are as damaging to successful economic activity as unpredictability and uncertainty, and this is where risk management comes in. Risk is an increasingly present element in a dynamic and challenging geopolitical, socio-economic, and regulatory environment – with reputational, commercial, and financial consequences, as well as criminal and administrative liability. Between g...

Fit & Proper

We have a cross-functional and interdisciplinary team, composed by lawyers from different departments of Morais Leitão, with consistent and differentiated experience in fit and proper processes in their several dimensions (integrity, qualification, independence, and availability), as well as in their different procedural and process-related aspects. The lawyers from the fit and proper team work...

ML Digital Clusters

The ML Digital Clusters are an internal Morais Leitão project that seeks to bridge the gap between law and society, contributing to the aggregation and development of knowledge.