The ML Digital Clusters are an internal Morais Leitão project that seeks to bridge the gap between law and society, contributing to the aggregation and development of knowledge.

Digital together.
Firm for tomorrow.

In line with the change.

In line with the change.

In practice, the ML Digital Clusters bring together lawyers and collaborators who are interested in cross-cutting themes, so that they can collaboratively deepen their study of these subjects, developing knowledge and skills. With the ultimate aim of always offering the best possible service to our clients, with innovative legal solutions, we are committed to a logic of cooperation and knowledge sharing, which also contributes to the professional and personal fulfilment of our lawyers and staff.

The project is global, transversal and dynamic, with the clusters themselves evolving with the speed of markets and regulation. Find out more about them on the respective pages: Tech Transactions, Digital services & E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech & Blockchain.