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In today's complex world, legal work is particularly demanding as it requires precise analysis of growing volumes of information. We have a dedicated team with unrivalled experience in dispute resolution and the most advanced technology to support legal strategies. For the Morais Leitão team, forensic investigation is of critical importance in informed decision-making.

As a full-service firm, we have extensive proven experience in digital, financial, and other investigations, building the process with the best and most complete knowledge. We use state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that the investigation is exhaustive and accurate, examining all the evidence. Our methodology follows the most demanding standards, guaranteeing admissibility in court and before regulatory authorities. The forensic investigation service works with eDiscovery tools and document management platforms to cover all scenarios in a 360º approach to the issues.

We develop specialised compliance services, informed by our experience in criminal law, civil litigation, internal investigations and regulatory compliance, which allow us to adapt to the specific needs of each client. We are able to prepare reports that then inform the construction, together with the client, of a solid strategy for each matter, with arguments based on the facts found.

In recent years, Morais Leitão has intervened in the most complex cybercrime cases. In addition to our work as lawyers, we are also building and sharing knowledge on the subject, as authors of books and publications that define the terms of this type of crime, defining concepts such as digital evidence. We co-operate with various institutions in this regard, regularly participating in international forums with regulators, police, prosecutors and other lawyers.

Our forensic investigation service is also essential for tax and competition investigations. We trace operations and interactions by analysing documentation using artificial intelligence, reconstructing events in order to present clear reports. We find out first, so that our clients are never surprised and can make the best strategic decisions.

A sustained strategy
for informed decision-making.