Expertise Practice Areas

Public Procurement

Morais Leitão offers a team with solid experience in public procurement, suited to provide advice to contracting entities, either public or private and to contracting entities, in particular in the following areas:

  • Legal advice for competitors participating in public procurement procedures;
  • Strategic advice in choosing the best public contracting procedure in line with the needs of contracting entities;
  • Assistance to contracting entities in the production of procedural documents necessary for the launching of public procurement procedures;
  • Provision of legal support to public and private entities in the execution of contracts and legal issues that arise during their term;

Our rough long experience providing public procurement policy covers the multiple procedures available. It includes regular or transactional legal support to clients in either regulated or strategically important sectors such as Transports, Roads and Rail, Health and Pharmaceuticals, TMT, Water, Sanitation and Waste and Energy and Natural Resources, including:

  • Public-private partnerships;
  • Procedures prior to the execution of contracts for the concession of works, public services, private use of the public domain and execution thereof; and
  • Pre-litigation negotiation, conciliation and litigation and arbitration proceedings.