Digital Defense is Morais Leitão’s coordinated response to the legal, technical and evidentiary challenges posed by the intersection between cybercrime and the law.

More than an area or a team, more than simply an aggregation of experience and expertise, the Digital Defense launched by Morais Leitão is first and foremost a service.


A cyber service.
Firm for tomorrow.

Firstly, under this service, we cover all relevant aspects of cybersecurity.

Cyber-attacks are increasingly recurrent, sophisticated and, to a large extent, inevitable. Companies need to be prepared to prevent them and, when necessary, to respond to their occurrence, protecting their information, their computer systems and, ultimately, the continuity of their business. They also must, in addition, collaborate in procedures in the context of related investigations.

The Digital Defense service at Morais Leitão offers this guarantee and permanent availability. Our team of lawyers, together with its technology partners, has accumulated significant experience. From a proactive point of view, we create and implement compliance policies, assessing risk and designing computer incident response programs. In the reaction, we advise on the crisis management resulting from computer attacks, investigation, evidence gathering and data and information recovery.

The second pillar of Digital Defense is related to cybercrime, also in its various stages and angles of advice and representation. 

From the perspective of legal proceedings, our team of lawyers, assisted whenever necessary by our technology partners, stands out for its pioneering intervention in some of the most relevant cases concerning cybercrime and digital evidence, as well as in non-criminal cases that require special knowledge of digital evidence.