Highlights Digital defense

In the area of criminal litigation, our team has participated in some of the most relevant and complex cybercrime cases in recent years.

Our experience includes advising on criminal cases related to Ransomware attacks, Hacking, Denial of Service, Phishing, illegitimate interception, computer sabotage, computer scams, among many others, whenever necessary using specialized technological advice, presenting complete and appropriate responses to each case.

In addition to cases relating to cybercrime in the proper sense, i.e., cases involving crimes that can only be committed by computer means, our team has participated in several cases relating to crimes that are incidentally computer-related, such as scams, cyber stalking, cyber harassment, or cryptocurrency thefts, advising our clients in the various stages of the process and offering sophisticated and effective legal and technological solutions.

Also, given the increase in criminal cases involving tokens and cryptocurrencies, our team has developed skills that allow it to carry out investigations on the blockchain, using forensic experts and tracing software whenever deemed necessary, in order to identify the origin or destination of specific transactions and explain this route in court.

Due to our extensive experience in cybercrime cases, our team also has a strong academic component, with national and international recognition, which allows it to provide legally solid support for the various innovative solutions implemented in the cases.

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