Isabel Gameiro lectures on the civil aspects of cybercrime

Isabel Gameiro, senior lawyer and member of the firm's litigation and arbitration team, will teach three sessions as part of the training on "Tackling Cybercrime: Civil Nature of Losses, Frauds, Forgeries from a Commercial Perspective" at The Siracusa International Institute on 5 June.

The lawyer will give the following sessions:

Session 7 - Civil Nature of Cybercrime Losses

  • Understanding the difference between civil and criminal aspects, focusing on civil liabilities, compensations, and remedies

Session 8 - Legal Framework

  • Overview of relevant national laws and regulations governing cybercrimes and civil losses

Session 9 - Case Studies and Discussions

  • Real-world examples demonstrating the civil nature of cybercrime losses

Click on the attachment to consult the event's agenda.