Few factors are as damaging to successful economic activity as unpredictability and uncertainty, and this is where risk management comes in. Risk is an increasingly present element in a dynamic and challenging geopolitical, socio-economic, and regulatory environment – with reputational, commercial, and financial consequences, as well as criminal and administrative liability.

Between geopolitical crises, climate, and public health threats, increasing regulation, stakeholder and public scrutiny, disruption of supply chains, cybersecurity threats, digital transformation and changes in work cultures, risk management is now a fundamental part of any organisation, regardless of its size or sector, requiring the active participation of management, internal and external legal teams, the supervisory bodies, and risk owners in general.


Prepared ahead.
Firm for tomorrow.

Informing decision.

Informing decision.

We are aware that risk management is a strategic process, and we seek to understand the opportunities and challenges of our clients’ business, at times of strategic definition and in day-to-day commercial, business, financial and operational activities, supporting the identification, analysis and mitigation of risk and promoting ethical, compliant, and sustainable action in the long term.


What services do we provide in the area of risk management?


Our team actively contributes to the preparation of companies in these aspects through a complete and transversal approach to risk management throughout the organisation, aimed at its resilience and sustainable growth.

With a good understanding of the legal environment and governance models, it is possible to support clients in defining the level of risk appetite and implementing risk management processes and thus increase the confidence of institutions in building a sound control culture.

In conjunction with our clients, we support the assessment of their risk exposure, provide advice on the internal governance model and rules and compliance and risk control policies, assist on various mitigation and prevention fronts, training, analysis of internal procedures, conducting and monitoring internal investigations, as well as ensuring representation and defence in criminal and administrative offence proceedings.