Expertise Industries

Our private equity team has market leading expertise in private equity and venture capital investments and exits and in setting-up investment structures (regulated and unregulated). The team covers all stages of the life of the investment vehicles and of the portfolio companies.

Whether domestic or international, large or mid-tier, be it established or emerging companies, private equity sector transactions are partner-led and leveraged on the firm’s full-service capabilities by staffing specialist lawyers to fit the needs of the transaction. This allows clients to grapple with the legal and regulatory complexities of matters as diverse as employment matters, merger control, international tax structuring, infrastructure finance and intellectual property licensing, and sectorial support in highly regulated industries such as energy, telecommunications, financial services, public concessions or healthcare services.

According to Chambers & Partners, our clients say that the firm has a "top-tier team that is very strong at all levels," adding: "The firm provides excellent value for money in complex matters." "They are really familiar with local practices and understand the positions and concerns of international clients," notes a second source, going on to praise the lawyers' ability to "provide very clear guidance to clients."

Private Equity

In private equity (strictly speaking) the firm has been a recurrent presence in the high-profile buy-out and growth deals, with targets varying from hospitals to motorways and power plants. The team is focused on carefully tailoring and negotiating the investment and acquisition documentation to suit the client’s concrete strategy being deployed and to assemble the specialist expertise to thoroughly understand the main features of the target’s assets and other procedural constraints of the transaction (notably insolvency procedures and takeover offers).

Venture Capital

In venture capital, Team Genesis has unparalleled experience in the burgeoning start-up and scale-up scene where we work alongside some of the most exciting new ventures in technology (including fintech) and life sciences, not only on the pivotal moments but also on an ongoing basis in a myriad of legal matters (such as equity incentive plans or regulatory validation of business models/new products or features in one or multiple jurisdictions simultaneously). All strategic transactions in the venture lifecycle are covered notably fundraising (convertible instruments, preferred rounds, venture debt, performance warrants), growth (notably international expansion efforts) and exits.

Fund formation

In the areas of fund and investment structure formation the team works closely and regularly with fund managers of various sizes with a wide range of strategies (e.g. buyouts, turnaround, venture investing), in the incorporation, fund raising, governance, regulatory follow-up and liquidation of investment undertakings. Other important matters related to key operational features of fund management are of particular interest to the team, notably, anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, ESG and human rights.

Also a differentiating suit of the team is its experience in the structuring and design of unregulated investment schemes (in SMEs, real estate, start-ups) such as joint ventures, club deal structures, revenue sharing arrangements and specific arrangements for social impact companies.