We are actively looking for young people who think about the law and seek to apply it in practice, in the light of a fast-paced and competitive reality, with excellent human and technical training being an essential condition. We are also looking for a sense of responsibility, teamwork skills and a command of foreign languages.

There are two recruitment processes every year: for professional internships and for short-term internships. Both are very dynamic and based on gamification, with the dual aim of making our culture known and challenging candidates' potential through an innovative, immersive and interactive format.

In the case of traineeships, each year we only take on the number of trainee lawyers that we estimate will be able to join the team at the end of the traineeship, which demonstrates our total commitment to the training and progression of all trainee lawyers.

The intake of trainee lawyers usually begins in the summer of the year before the traineeship starts. We value young law graduates who have had contact with other cultures, master languages other than Portuguese and English and who have had personal and/or professional experiences in different environments and realities. We believe in true diversity, without a specific, pre-defined profile.

This experience can also take on an international dimension, with the possibility of rotating through the offices of the Morais Leitão Legal Circle network, which includes, in addition to Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique.

The aim of short-term internships is to provide contact with the practical side of law. The trainee is integrated into the team and participates in the work that is taking place at the time of the traineeship.

You can find our recruitment platform at the link below, which is always available for new applications. Applications are always analysed, even if they are outside recruitment cycles.

Morais Leitão is an emblematic firm for any law student, which has always shown inside its doors what it symbolises outside them: prestige, rigour and humanity. The commitment to excellence, both in terms of technique and character, has been (re)recognised by everyone, along with the responsible commitment to training trainees, who are part of the firm's dynamic and versatile teams, in a true definition of synergy. An internship at Morais Leitão will be more than a unique career opportunity, it will be a moment of personal growth and a privileged place for networking and dialogue between different methods and experiences.

Leonor Castro Barbosa

Anyone who comes to Morais Leitão must like to be challenged every day. The best are here, which makes the work highly demanding and equally rewarding. Being early in the most relevant operations, projects, and cases on the market, in all areas of practice, gives us responsibility and encouragement to be better every day. This is where you learn to be a lawyer, in all its layers. It is a pride to be from Morais Leitão.

Pedro Marques Dias

Application Area