Preventive<br />

At Morais Leitão, we are well aware of the growing demands of risk management. The challenges of digitalisation, cybersecurity and regulation add to the dilemmas of specialisation, public exposure and company growth, making organisations' daily lives more difficult. We have been supporting companies for a long time with proactive advice, taking a preventive approach whenever possible, which allows us to mitigate risks and potential financial, legal and reputational consequences.

In our preventive analysis service, we combine our legal expertise with cutting-edge technology, namely artificial intelligence allied with machine learning. We are able to process large volumes of data in a short period of time, supporting our clients in building a proactive strategy that responds to the fast pace of a dynamic market.

How does it work?

After having received the raw data, whether organised or disorganised, to be analysed, we begin by creating an information architecture, which allows the client to constantly monitor the organisation of data. We then are able to identify potential risks and legal issues before they arise. Artificial intelligence helps us not only to search for keywords or key expressions, but to understand the context in which they occur, with the full intentionality of human language and behaviour.

We analyse the files and any other relevant documents accurately, without human error and in record time, preparing the client's potential litigation issues with the widest possible knowledge of the assumptions and variables at stake.

We collaboratively design a regulatory compliance strategy, according to each sector and to the profile of the company or organisation, permanently up to date with legislative and regulatory advances.

For Morais Leitão, clients are partners. We aim to contribute to the sustainability of their business. With the preventive analysis service, we navigate the legal dimension together, with the security that complete knowledge gives us.

Know first,
be prepared.