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Technological evolution is intrinsically associated with the ideas of progress and prosperity, with the natural consequence of changing the way people and companies interact with the market. Realities considered disruptive (fintech and blockchain, for example, as well as their derivatives) are increasingly present in everyday life, thus creating new opportunities and challenges with legal impact on the various dimensions of the market.

Fintech and law,
with full assurance.

Fintech and law,<br />
with full assurance.

The use of new technologies – such as decentralised databases, crypto-asset service providers or the decentralisation of new forms of participation (e.g., initial coin offerings and security token offerings) – aims to generate efficiencies and better respond to market needs, which will bring significant benefits to its configuration. Given their disruptive nature, some challenges necessarily arise, along with the greater complexity of the current economic and financial context. The transition from mere concepts to their implementation, affecting the way we organise ourselves, how we communicate and how we transact, raises new issues, namely in compliance, given the various legislative innovations. Thus, it is essential to have the most robust legal support that responds in depth and effectively to these matters.

Aware of this paradigm shift and of the transitional period in which we live, Morais Leitão seeks to accompany our clients at different times in their business, either through support in defining the business strategy and in supporting day-to-day commercial, financial and operational activities, through a multidisciplinary approach with specialised knowledge in the most diverse areas.

What services do we provide in the area of Fintech & Blockchain?

Morais Leitão’s Digital Cluster Fintech & Blockchain aims to actively contribute to the production and updating of knowledge, seeking to create synergies in various sectors. We aim to ensure specialised knowledge in matters related to fintech and blockchain, across all relevant areas of law, actively advising our clients’ development and progression.

Our full-service offer provides an enormous transversality and dynamism that allows us to guarantee a tailor-made service, adjusted to the needs of each client.


ML Digital Cluster Fintech & Blockchain receives specific and direct inputs from several areas of Law, namely from the banking and finance areas, with particular focus on regulatory matters in general terms and regtech, commercial, private equity/venture capital, insurance (and insurtech) and tax.

Technology is redefining the financial services industry and the way firms interact with their customers, forcing firms and organisations to regularly assess what’s next. For this reason, we carefully follow and monitor all legislative developments applicable to companies whose business model relates to the Fintech or Blockchain reality.

Permanent update; knowledge and sharing pool

Our ML Digital Cluster Fintech & Blockchain team follows the legal – and, consequently, technical and technological – development in these matters, by identifying and studying the regimes applicable to the new existing realities and by monitoring the emerging trends and business models in the fintech and blockchain sector, reflecting the work, namely, in the elaboration, sharing and dissemination of knowledge of material relevant to the sector.

Increased Reach

The centralisation of knowledge and specialised expertise in the ML Digital Cluster Fintech & Blockchain , on topics that cut across several areas of Law, allows any issues related to these areas to be directly addressed to the cluster, creating the possibility of, at all times and in this way: (i) receiving inputs relevant to the topic in question; or (ii) being directly accompanied by the most appropriate members in terms of knowledge and background, allowing a solid and efficient response to the client and ensuring legal certainty.