10.05.2024 Vera Esteves Cardoso, Nicole Fortunato, Nuno Gundar da Cruz, David Silva Ramalho, Ashick Remetula, Luís Possolo, Carolina Nagy Correia e Márcia Tomás Pires • The Global Legal Post

GLP | “Cryptoassets: Law Over Borders Comparative Guide 2024”

Lawyers Vera Esteves CardosoNicole FortunatoNuno Gundar da Cruz, David Silva RamalhoAshick RemetulaLuís PossoloCarolina Nagy Correia and Márcia Tomás Pires signed the Portugal chapter for the "Cryptoassets: Law Over Borders Comparative Guide 2024", published by The Global Legal Post.

The central themes of this article are the inclusion of cryptoassets in insolvent assets in Portugal, the challenges arising from the lack of specific regulation, the recommendation to quickly convert cryptoassets into fiat currency and the sale of NFTs, the priority of creditors in the sale of cryptoassets and the validity of smart contracts, even without a specific approach in Portuguese law, as long as they meet the basic requirements of a contract and are stored securely.

This first edition of the Cryptoassets Law Over Borders Comparative Guide gives a practical overview of the law regulating cryptoassets in key jurisdictions around the world. It covers issues such as licensing and anti-money laundering requirements, the regulation of cryptoasset promotion, rules governing crypto bankruptcy and insolvency, the legal treatment of DAOs and smart contracts, and provides insight into proposed legal reform in this complex and rapidly evolving space.