Highlights ML Digital Clusters

The adoption of artificial intelligence tools and systems has grown significantly, and will continue to do so, as new solutions are launched almost on a continuous basis. In light of the growing democratisation of access to and of use of artificial intelligence solutions, the Morais Leitão team has prioritized the advisory to clients in the exploration of the opportunities, advantages and gains that artificial intelligence can bring to virtually all business sectors. We accompany companies and citizens in preparing responses to the challenges raised by the new and increasingly more demanding regulatory frameworks.

Artificial intelligence,

Artificial intelligence,<br />

For organisations that work with or develop artificial intelligence solutions, all the potential issues must be carefully considered by preparing the regulatory aspects involved, ranging from data protection to commercial, labour, intellectual property, competition and, now more than ever, ethical issues, safeguarding fundamental rights, in accordance with European Union law.

Morais Leitão’s goal is to help its clients act preventively and mitigate potential risks, assisting in the alignment of business models and respective activities and structures with new legal requirements and obligations. We therefore seek to ensure the use of Artificial Intelligence always on a human centric basis, without forgetting, however, the opportunities it offers in terms of innovation and affirmation in the market. From international advice on autonomous driving to the plain implementation of data analytics, chatbots or scoring solutions, Morais Leitão already has specific, relevant, and multidisciplinary experience.

What services do we provide in the area of AI?

It was precisely in view of its experience in this segment that Morais Leitão created the artificial intelligence Cluster, a multidisciplinary "one stop shop" team dedicated to national and European legal-scientific research. We add specialised, innovative, practical, and updated knowledge on the legal and regulatory framework in force or still under discussion, seeking to anticipate and respond to future regulatory trends and associated opportunities and challenges, in permanent dialogue with clients, partners, stakeholders and society in general, always assuming a sharing and give back perspective.

Aware of the accelerated growth in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence tools and the need to make data-driven decisions, our team seeks to advise our clients to navigate the uncertainties regarding the accompanying legal developments, without missing the opportunities of artificial intelligence as a differentiating factor.

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