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The firm has a vast and valuable range of experience in projects involving the construction of public or private sector infrastructures.

Our experience covers the construction of infrastructures, the awarding process and the negotiation and drafting of the multiple contractual instruments arising thereof: concession agreements, turn-key construction agreements, exploitation and maintenance, insurance, as well as all the financial contracts that support the funding of the project in question.
Since its participation in the first project finance related to the construction and exploitation of the road crossings of the Tagus river, the firm has been called upon – either by the respective financing institutions or by the promoters – to advise upon scores of other infrastructure projects in sectors as varied as road concessions, railroad and air transport, water and sanitation.

In the private sector, we have garnered vast experience in energy production projects (wind, water, photovoltaic, thermoelectric), as well as in projects related to the treatment of hazardous waste, the transportation of natural gas and the construction of sports and leisure infrastructures.

In its search for innovative solutions to achieve the most efficient and less costly completion of projects, the firm has developed some approaches which, in the meantime, have become archetypal in the area of project finance.



Catarina Brito Ferreira.
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