Iberian Lawyer Forty under 40 Awards 2022 | Nominations

Iberian Lawyer has recently disclosed the nominees for the "Iberian Lawyer Forty under 40 Awards 2022". These are divided in two categories "Team of the Year" and "Lawyer of the Year".

Morais Leitão is nominated in all categories of "Team of the Year", being 21 practice areas analysed: Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Capital Markets (Debt and Equity), Energy, EU & Competition, Fintech, Infrastructure & Constructions, Insolvency & Restructuring, Insurance, IP&TMT, Labour, Life Sciences and Pharma, Litigation, M&A, Private Equity and Public Law.
ML is also in the running for the generic category of best legal team of the year.

Nuno Gundar da Cruz is nominated for the Lawyer of the Year award.

Individually, the following lawyers are nominated as "Lawyers of the Year" in different practice areas:

  1. Alessandro Azevedo (Life Science and Pharma);
  2. David Silva Ramalho (White Collar Crime)
  3. Elmano Sousa Costa (Banking and Finance);
  4. Fábio Castro Russo (M&A);
  5. Filipe Galvão Teles (Arbitration);
  6. Gonçalo Rosas (EU & Competition);
  7. Helder M. Mourato (Energy, Infrastructure & Constructions);
  8. Inês Ferrari Careto (IP & TMT);
  9. Inês Pinto Leite (Tax);
  10. Isabel Carneiro Kahlen (Startup);
  11. João Fitas (Real Estate);
  12. Mariana Albuquerque (Fintech);
  13. Mariana Soares David (Litigation);
  14. Marisa Larguinho (Capital Markets - Debt and Equity);
  15. Marta Pereira Rosa (Insurance);
  16. Nuno Gundar da Cruz (Insolvency and Retructuring);
  17. Pedro Capitão Barbosa (Private Equity);
  18. Ricardo Neto Galvão (Arbitration);
  19. Rita Nunes dos Santos (Litigation); and 
  20. Vasco Xavier Mesquita (Public Law);

The winners will be announced on 6th October in Madrid.

Click here to see the full list of nominees.