10.03.2023 Advocatus

Andreia Bento Simões and João Torroaes Valente talk about the "Deal of the Month”

Andreia Bento Simões and João Torroaes Valente, in the article "Deal of the Month" of the March edition of Advocatus, comment on the operation related to "Project Amália" in which they contributed, having advised the German company Trei of the Tengelman Group.

The real estate lawyers explain that the "level of complexity of the operation required coordination between the various legal, tax and financial teams that were advising the parties, which was also joined by the insurance companies called
to implement a W&I insurance policy to cover the transaction. It was with the work of all these teams, representing different perspectives of the transaction, that it was possible to successfully close this deal and ensure the integrity and maintenance of what was the largest supermarket portfolio ever transacted in Portugal".

Go to the attachment to read the article (only available in Portuguese).