David Noel Brito and Joana Maria Andion take part in LES conference

David Noel Brito and Joana Maria Andion are taking part in the "10th Pan-European LESI YMC Conference: Stockholm", organised by LES (The Licensing Executives Society), whose motto this year is "The new paradigm for licensing in Europe".

The event, sponsored by MLL Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Froriep, Roschier and Bardehle Pagenberg, has Joana Maria Andion on the organising committee as co-head of the LES Young Members Portugal-Spain.

Lawyer David Noel Brito is on the New Block Exemptions Regulations panel. This session will discuss the relevance of the Block Exemptions Regulations, and in particular the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation.

Moderated by Giacomo Garbagnati (Studio Legale La Russa), this discussion will also include Dario Paschetta (Roschier), Ema Johansson (Roschier) and Ada Altobelli (MLL).

The event will take place on 17th November in Stockholm.

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