David Silva Ramalho participates at the conference "Cybercrime and e-Evidence I"

David Silva Ramalho participates, as speaker, in the conference "Cybercrime and e-Evidence I", organized by the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN).

He integrates the panel dedicated to the topic "Digital evidence, procedural safeguards and admissibility of evidence at the trial phase", which will discuss the cases of mass criminal investigation and the evidentiary problems resulting therefrom.

The associate coordinator of Morais Leitão's criminal, regulatory offences and compliance team will discuss the recent trend of seizure by criminal investigation authorities of servers used mainly or entirely for the exchange of communications for illicit purposes, as well as the problems raised by the use of artificial intelligence programmes to analyse and select messages stored in those servers, often with the purpose of anticipating the commission of crimes.

The debate will focus on the problems of criminal procedural nature posed by these new practices, which already have several examples in Europe and the USA, with particular focus on the guarantees of defense and the necessary adaptation of the principles and legislation in force to this new reality.

The event will take place on 10th May, at Centro de Estudos Judiciários (CEJ).