David Silva Ramalho teaches course on Cybercrime and Digital Evidence

David Silva Ramalho has been appointed by the Council of Europe to teach the Advanced Course on Cybercrime and Digital Evidence to Brazilian Prosecutors.

The managing associate of Morais Leitão's criminal, regulatory offense and compliance team will be moderating the following panels, among others:

  1. Refresher on the Budapest Convention
  2. Virtual Currencies - Intro
  3. Virtual Currencies and Emerging technologies
  4. Advanced electronic evidence challenges
  5. Objectives, Contents and Structure of the Course - Introduction to the Investigation exercise case study
  6. Way towards the trial exercise
  7. Advanced electronic evidence challenges - techniques for preparing for Court

The course takes place in São Paulo from April 7 to 12. The training will cover the Budapest Cybercrime Convention, to which Brazil recently acceded, advanced criminal investigation techniques, cryptocurrencies and blockchain research, and how to prepare for trials involving cybercrime.