Gonçalo Machado Borges coordinates conference on the new European regulations on digital world

Gonçalo Machado Borges coordinates the conference "What now? What changes with the new European digital regulations?", organized by Morais Leitão with ECO's support.

The international meeting addresses the most pressing issues arising from the new European regulations on the digital world, such as digital commerce in Portugal and the post-pandemic impacts, the impact of the DMA/DSA on the market, hate in the networks, among others.

Lawyers Joana Duro and João Bernardo Silva will participate in the conference as moderators of the first panel, while Gonçalo Machado Borges will be in charge of the second one.

The conference takes place on September 13 at 9.20 a.m. at the João Morais Leitão Auditorium, Morais Leitão.

Please see the programme attached and register at eventos@mlgts.pt.