Joana Maria Andion co-coordinates the "Young Members" Committee of the LES Spain-Portugal

LES Spain-Portugal kicks off with the creation of the "Young Members" Committee, which will have its official launch on June 15, 2023, in Madrid.
Joana Maria Andion, lawyer at Morais Leitão, is invited by LES Spain-Portugal to lead this new committee, together with Cristina Espín Martí, from the Spanish law firm Elzaburu.
This committee, which is mainly addressed to young people under 40 years of age, has as its main goals:
  • To empower a voice to the younger members of the LES Spain-Portugal association; 
  • Promote events where important current issues related to technology transfer and intellectual property are discussed; 
  • Strengthen the relationship between Portugal and Spain; and
  • Promote networking among professionals in the area of technology transfer.
Those interested in joining the committee and participating in the launch event should send their details (name, email and telephone contact) by 4 June 2023 to the following addresses: