João Matos Viana, Tiago Geraldo and David Silva Ramalho are professors in the Preparation Course for the Aggregation Exame of the Bar Association

João Matos Viana taught the module I entitled "Professional Deontology", alongside lawyer Paulo de Sá e Cunha. The topics covered regarded “Basic principles of Deontology in the practice of Advocacy”, the “Deontological Statute: rights and duties of Lawyers” and “Professional secrecy and disciplinary responsibility”, amongst others.

Module III entitled “Criminal Procedure Practice” was mostly taught by João Matos Viana and David Silva Ramalho. The topics covered focused on “Judicial sponsorship; consultation of the process ”,“ Phases and Procedural Acts ”, amongst others. Along with the lawyer Paulo de Sá e Cunha, João Matos Viana and David Silva Ramalho also covered the subject of “Procedural subjects: Arguido, Assistant, and Civil Parties.”

Tiago Geraldo, on the other hand, teaches the last part of module III, accompanied by professors Helena Morão and Rui Pereira, in which they address issues related to the legal status of the appeal in the context of criminal proceedings. The themes “Resources: processing; Appeals for Appeal and appeals to the STJ (Supreme Court of Justice) and "Special Appeals" will be the main focus. 

The participation of João Matos Viana and David Silva Ramalho took place on the 2nd and 16th of May. Tiago Geraldo will be present on May 23rd, 2020.

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