Morais Leitão adopts innovative legal tech solution Legatics

This month, Morais Leitão has deployed a new tool – Legatics – to streamline its legal transactions.  Morais Leitão is the first Portuguese firm to adopt Legatics – pioneering the use of Legatics in the region.  
Legatics is an online, intelligent deal management platform that provides a more efficient and transparent method of running legal transactions.  It assists with the systematic management of transaction workflows and the tracking of documentation required to conclude legal transactions, particularly in relation to banking and financing transactions.  
The platform streamlines the interactions between parties to a transaction: clients, lawyers, counterparties and other advisers.  This allows individuals to simultaneously access the platform, upload the relevant documents, provide approvals, and monitor in real time the evolution of documentation and the status of the transaction through to financial close. 
By replacing the traditional manual processes with a more streamlined and digital process, Legatics optimises time spent by lawyers on their legal transactions, adding value to the various transaction parties – particularly Morais Leitão’s clients.
Filipe Lowndes Marques, who coordinates the banking and finance department at Morais Leitão, considers Legatics ‘a new step in our commitment to our clients, to find innovative solutions and to use these solutions as tools to make our services more efficient and fluid, thereby allowing us to focus on what really matters: transactional experience and technical and business know-how’.
Daniel Porus, director and head of business development at Legatics, added that ‘Legatics has now been used in more than 20 countries but Morais Leitão’s adoption of Legatics represents its first use in the Portuguese market.  We are excited that Legatics will now form part of their day-to-day practice, providing a more efficient way to run their legal transactions and more enhanced experience for their clients.’