Morais Leitão and JLL publish Real Estate Investors Roadmap

Morais Leitão and JLL jointly developed the Real Estate Investors Roadmap, an interactive tool aimed at all those who wish to invest in Portugal, supported by CCIP and APPII.

This guide aims to provide an overview of the real estate market and the current legal framework, offering investors a quick and reliable picture of existing opportunities.

The Real Estate Investors Roadmap was designed to facilitate decision-making related to investment in Portugal, presenting three sections with the most relevant information:

  1. Why Portugal, a portrait of Portugal, which covers the country's main economic indicators, attractiveness factors and demographic data.
  2. The Real Estate Market in a Nutshell, which offers a synthesis of the evolution of the Portuguese real estate market in its key segments: investment, office, retail, industrial & logistics, residential (sale and rental) and alternative segments (including student residences and senior residences).
  3. Legal & Tax Framework, where investors will find a summary of the legal framework of the real estate market in Portugal. In addition, the guide also includes an analysis of the Pacote Mais Habitação, offering valuable insights into the new laws and regulations that will affect the sector.

Click here to consult the guide which contains detailed information on different sectors.