Morais Leitão' Lawyers once again highlighted by Leaders League

This week the Leaders League ranking was released regarding the areas of "IP Litigation", "Patent Prosecution", "Technology" "Telecoms", "Data Protection & Cybersecurity" and "Trademark Prosecution". Morais Leitão is in the top 5.

This year the lawyers distinguished are António Pinto Leite and Vasco Stilwell d'Andrade, were highlighted in the IP Litigation, Gonçalo Machado Borges and João AlfredoAfonso, in Technology, Nuno Peres Alves, in Telecoms and Tiago Félix da Costa , in Data Protection & Cybersecurity. 

Some of the ML' lawyers accumulate distinctions in different areas. Gonçalo Machado Borges was also highlighted in ​​Telecoms field, João Alfredo Afonso, in Data Protection & Cybersecurity and Vasco Stilwell D'Andrade, in Patent Prosecution and Trademark Prosecution fields.

The ranking distinguishes 6 lawyers as "Leading Lawers", which means that they are recognized as the best amongst their peers.

Check the ranking here.